Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Owning Up

Hey, there! Did you miss me? I know, I know... I said I was taking a little time off, and that turned into a couple months. Whoooooops. Sorry, y'all!  I've been working on the house, traveling a bit, job-hunting, and binge-watching some tv shows here and there. 

I've also been EATING CARBS! 

Ugh, but it IS so... so disappointing! But it happens to the best of us, yes? 

It started out when I was traveling... About a week into my nearly 3 week roadtrip the whole "I'm on vacation!" mindset took over. I didn't go craaaaaaaazy, but carbs are a slippery slope. 

And now I'm back at the bottom of the mountain, people! 

So the plan is to go back to basics - fats, greens, and proteins. And easy on the cheese and nuts for now.  *whine*

And for the first couple weeks - NO PORK RINDS! OR MUG CAKES! These are my gateway drugs, people! They may not be offenders in the carb department, but their calories (at least in the quantities I want to shove in my face) add up quickly. So back to the kitchen I go, because cooking for myself and my family is the BEST way to control my eating.

On the menu for tonight is mini meatloaves with roasted yellow zucchini and mashed cauliflower, so I'll take some pics and share the recipe tomorrow!

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