Friday, October 11, 2013

Accidental Awesomeness

It looks like a waffle, but it's So. Much. Better. And simpler! What??? Yep. Three ingredients + three minutes = endless possibilities of crunchy, cheesy heaven. This immaculate conception was the fruit of poor planning on my part. I wanted to make dippable, savory pumpkin waffles for a batch of soup, but I was out of one of the key ingredients, pumpkin. I looked in the fridge and pantry, thought outside the box a bit, and whammy! Waffle-toast was born. 

Trinity Waffle-Toast

sliced bread of your choosing
shredded or sliced cheese of your choosing
spreadable fat of your choosing

Preheat your waffle iron and spray with nonstick spray. Choose your canvas - the bread. Any sliced bread will work, but this is your chance to get fancy if you want. I happened to have a pumpkin streusel bread on hand, so I went with that. (Cinnamon raisin bread would be fab in this!) Spread the fat evenly across one side of your chosen bread - I used coconut oil, but you could use butter, bacon fat, or other spreadable lube. Flip the bread over and top the un-lubed side with the cheese of your liking - I used smoked cheddar. Cut the bread in half or in quarters and place on the hot waffle iron, cheese side up.

Close the iron and smush it shut to press the bread down completely. Cook until your waffle iron tells you it's done (the light on mine clicks off). Open the iron.

Don't. Freak. Out.

(I freaked out a little.)

 Yes, the waffle toast is stuck to the top of the iron. S'okay, dawg. It's not really stuck, it's just kinda stuck. With a fork, gently unstick a corner of each piece, and the piece will begin to easily release. Fork it until gets falls off. Be carefee during the prying process; it's still a hot waffle iron, and steam is an asshole. But the fruits of your minimal labor shall be handsomely and foodgasmically rewarded.

The bottom is toasty and golden, and the entire top is like the crispy-cheese edges of a pizza for which my family battles. It's amazing. I didn't even really want the soup once I tasted it, I just wanted 12 more slices! The nice thing about quartering the slices was that it felt like I got 4 pieces of sinful deliciousness, but it was really just one slice of doctored-up bread.

My wheels got to turning on future uses for this application...

Homemade turkey-apple sausage patties + trinity waffle-toasts =
Breakfast sammie to-die-for.

This method also has me rethinking panini. Can you say, wafflewich? (It rhymes with YUM.)

I'm off to practice more wafflewich-craft.

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  1. this is genius!! Keep it up girl! Lovin' the photography and fun to read commentary :)